Khao Sok


Scorpion khao sok national parkThe scorpions in Thailand do have poison; however it is so mild that it is comparable to the sting of a bee or a wasp. The sting is painful but harmless; however some people might develop an allergic reaction. The sting should therefore be immediately disinfected. For conservation reasons please do not kill these animals, but catch them and free them into the wild.

The theory is that a small scorpion with small claws needs very powerful venom in order to disable its prey before the prey thrashes around and damages its attacker This Scorpion inhabits the rainforest. It is not a common sight, but one can sometimes see them hiding under dead logs and crevices. Scorpions in general (over 1000 different species) are very adaptive and can inhabit deserts, mountains, caves, grassland, ponds, forests and seashores, it is said they are even capable of surviving high levels of nuclear radiation Scorpions are predators, consuming anything that is smaller than them and sometimes larger.

This includes other scorpions, spiders, insects, millipedes, crabs, rodents, small birds and even snakes. The scorpion holds on to its prey using its front pincers whilst stabbing the victim with its venomous tail.